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Expo Dubai Water WEEK
20-26 March 2022

ROTO Water season 2021 Water tanks, waste water treatment plants, shafts innovation

ROTO - Intelligent ECO solutions

ROTO is a family business company with more than 70 years tradition. The headquarters is in the Slovenia. Production is organized in 7 factories in different European countries. The company employs more than 500 people and had revenues of 82 mio euro. ROTO exports its products to 65 countries all around the world. Run by the Pavlinjek family, the company has built a global reputation for the quality of its products.

Roto Slovenija Puconci

We protect our planet with sustainable intelligent solutions that manage rainwater, treat and recycle wastewater. ROTO is driven by continuous innovations in green technologies.

ROTO increase its products’ value by enhancing eco design, intelligently using materials and modern production technologies, and ensuring a high-quality finish. The company also takes great pride in its after-sales service and customer technical support.

ROTO is also committed to providing a safe, happy and environmentally responsible workplace. All ROTO polyethylene products are recyclable. To keep our green footprint as small as possible we use latest production technologies and highly efficient equipment.

Our company is based on three solid foundations: company integrity, customer service, and quality of the product.

ROTO companies and business partners in more than 65 countries are united by a commitment to protect water on our planet with sustainable and intelligent eco solutions since 1949. Our researchers, engineers, manufacturing experts and service teams are deeply rooted in the communities we serve. Together with our network of specialized partners, we drive local economies and build relationships that stand the test of time. Explore our product range and discover how they enrich the families, industries and communities that choose our products and services.

ROTO catalogue Water 2022

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ROTO solutions for the gas stations

We offer you a complete solutions for gas stations:

Artificial Intelligence in  ROTO Wastewater Treatment

Save the water. Save the planet.  With artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has become a powerful tool at ROTO Slovenia for minimising the complexities and complications in wastewater treatment. There are many success stories where ROTO installed intelligent wwtp in fuel stations, camps and tourist resorts.

Wastewater treatment is an important step for pollutant reduction and promotion of water environment quality. The uncertainties result in fluctuations in effluent water quality and operation costs, the environmental risk of receiving waters.

ROTO is going to present in Slovenian pavilion on EXPO Dubai perspectives on the potential future directions of new research frontiers in the utilisation of artificial intelligence in wastewater treatment plants that simultaneously address pollutant removal, cost reduction, water reuse, and management challenges in complex practical applications.

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