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Welcome to ROTO
Spoga Gafa 2022

Even more international, even more diversified, even more visitors! Year after year spoga+gafa impressively demonstrates its standing as the largest garden trade fair in the world. Cologne is the place-to-be for everyone, who wants to make something happen in the garden.

You are welcome to visit our stand,, to meet and feel our new products, new materials and new production technologies. Did you know, that our rain barrels are made wit rotomoulding robot?

ROTO - Intelligent ECO solutions

ROTO is a family business company with more than 70 years tradition. The headquarters is in the Slovenia. Production is organized in 7 factories in different European countries. The company employs more than 500 people and had revenues of 82 mio euro. ROTO exports its products to 65 countries all around the world. Run by the Pavlinjek family, the company has built a global reputation for the quality of its products.

Roto Slovenija Puconci

We protect our planet with sustainable intelligent solutions. ROTO is driven by continuous innovations in green technologies.

ROTO increase its products’ value by enhancing eco design, intelligently using materials and modern production technologies, and ensuring a high-quality finish. The company also takes great pride in its after-sales service and customer technical support.

ROTO is also committed to providing a safe, happy and environmentally responsible workplace. All ROTO polyethylene products are recyclable. To keep our green footprint as small as possible we use latest production technologies and highly efficient equipment.

Our company is based on three solid foundations: company integrity, customer service, and quality of the product.

ROTO companies and business partners in more than 65 countries are united by a commitment to protect water on our planet with sustainable and intelligent eco solutions since 1949. Our researchers, engineers, manufacturing experts and service teams are deeply rooted in the communities we serve. Together with our network of specialized partners, we drive local economies and build relationships that stand the test of time. Explore our product range and discover how they enrich the families, industries and communities that choose our products and services.

wide product range

ROTO Garden Wood products


Beautiful products in wood imitation 

The Roto wood effect, oak garden planters and rain barrels have taken many years to perfect. Rainwater collection barrels will save you money and help protect the environment

Wide range of planters that are robust, but also look like authentic wooden barrels and wood. Although they reach big sizes, they remain lightweight.

The planters are produced by rotomoulding from polyethylene. They are UV and shock resistant, non-toxic and 100% recyclable, offering the customer peace of mind. We test our product to the extreme so that when winter arrives, you will not have to worry about the product becoming brittle or cracking.


Roto garden products for the next season are from environmentally friendly new materials: 

  • bio polyethylene,
  • recycled plastic and
  • composites with wood.

Take advantages of polymers  and save the nature.



Extra large outdoor tree planters and huge flower pots for public places, residential, business and touristic buildings, make life more colourful.  

Enrich the look of your terrace, garden, office or house with fashionable garden basins, ornamental trees or blooming flowers.

Bespoke Products

Why not come to Roto with your ideas of a new product. We have one of the biggest 3D printer in-house, supported by a team of experts that will bring to life your ideas from start to finish.


ROTO Garden 2022 Catalogue


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ROTO Garden Furniture 2022


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ROTO Rain Garden Catalogue


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